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DLR Services specializes in environmentally friendly mechanical removal of invasive plants and trees through grinding-mulching. DLR Services is fully licensed and insured with an extremely knowledgeable staff, and operators with years of experience in providing excellent workmanship and customer service. No land-clearing job is too big or too small for DLR Servies.

At DLR Services we realize your time is valuable and we will go the extra mile to insure a timely and responsive completion of the scope of work.

All of our machines' maintenance and repair are done at our facility, insuring our down time isn't yours. DLR also specializes in state-of-the-art welding, heavy equipment, hydraulic, swamp buggy and marine repair.

DLR Services, 3727 Dundee Road, Winter Haven, Florida 33884
Licensed & Insured (Certified General Contractor) #1512210
(863)-287-2619, Email:dlr.polkfl@gmail.com

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